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Forget Mars. Why we should colonize Saturn's moon Titan instead

Titan has one particular advantage over the Moon and Mars when it comes to colonization.

Researchers developing real life Baymax, aka a personal healthcare assistant

Though he’s probably best known for his karate skills and flying abilities, Big Hero 6’s Baymax was originally designed as a healthcare assistant. So a team at Duke University is trying to (kinda) make a real one.

NASA will give you $30,000 to figure out what to do with astronaut poop

We can put a man on the moon, but the greatest minds at NASA still can’t figure out what to do with astronaut poop.

Why this undergrad could save us from a comet apocalypse

Qicheng Zhang has conjured a way to thwart potentially lethal comets with lasers.

Gaia Spacecraft’s map of the Milky Way is our guide to the galaxy.

Almost something out of science fiction, this celestial image is actually a billion-star map that will blow your mind.

NASA believes that fuel-free EM Drive concept could potentially work

We’re still waiting on warp drives to get us around the galaxy, but NASA now believes an equally fantastical mode of transportation might actually have some merit. Say hello to the EM Drive.

Watch this inspiring campaign video for new Project Blue space telescope

Toss some cash toward this ambitious planet-seeking project and shoot for the stars.

China has just edited the genome of a human, and there is no way this could go wrong

China is about to prove whether or not gene editing is safe. If it cures cancer, all the better.

SpaceX just asked to launch 4,400 satellites to create high-speed space internet

Along with colonizing Mars, SpaceX also has a few other cool projects in the works. One of the most fascinating? An enormous undertaking to beam internet down to the entire globe.

We now live in a world where pizza can be delivered by drone, aka the singularity

Technology has been changing our world for decades, but we might be closer than ever to reaching the singularity. Case in point: Pizza can now be delivered by drones. That’s right, robots can bring you pizza now.

It might be a lot harder than we thought to find life on the surface of Mars

Scientists haven’t had much luck finding proof of life on Mars, and it sounds like the odds are getting even longer.