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Image of the Day: Mind-Numbing Neon Nebula

Behold the candy-colored cosmos in this new neon nebula witnessed by the ESO.

A lot of those Earth-like planets out their could actually be too hot to support life

Astronomers and scientists have spent years working to chronicle the various Earth-like planets drifting around the cosmos, but a new study indicates those worlds could be too hot to actually sustain life. 

Image of the Day: 65,000-pound space shuttle fuel tank gets LA police escort

Southern California traffic just got worse with this humongous NASA fuel tank rolling down the road.

If we had a Mars mission ready, now would be the perfect time to launch it

It’s a shame that NASA (or SpaceX, or anybody else) doesn't have a Mars mission ready to launch — because now would be the perfect time to do it.

Deep space asteroids could be way more fragile than scientists first thought

It’s been the subject of more than a few disaster movies, but it turns out a large-scale asteroid strike might not be quite as disastrous as we first thought.

Scientists have created a super-strong, transparent type of wood

If you’re looking to build something transparent, but want to retain the Earthiness of wood, this could be the building material of a very shiny future.

Check out the remnants of a supernova that was visible to the naked eye in 1572

It’s been almost 450 years since an explosion nicknamed Tycho’s supernova, in honor of the astronomer who spotted it, exploded into view in Earth’s sky. Well, it’s been a long time since 1572, but we can still see the remnants of that epic space event.

Take a spin around this incredible new USGS topographical map of Mercury

Gawk at this gorgeous new topographical map of Mercury courtesy of NASA's Messenger.

Watch Mercury make a rare morning transit of the sun

Check out the planet Mercury as it casually cruises between Earth and the sun.

Thinking of moving? Scientists discover 3 potentially habitable planets

The universe just got a little bigger if humankind wants to stretch its space legs one day.

Watch this guy ride, and crash, his homemade Star Wars-style speeder bike

Ever since Luke Skywalker zipped off through the woods in Return of the Jedi all those decades ago, we’ve been dying for a real-life speeder bike. Well, this isn’t it — but it’s about as close as you can get right now.

Image of the Day: Behold the breathtaking Bubble Nebula

Here's an awesome  anniversary image to help celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope's 26th birthday.

More than 300 TBs of data from the Large Hadron Collider are now available to the public

If you’ve been jonesing to dig through more data than you could ever conceivably comprehend about cutting edge science, here’s the ticket.