Scientists want to use robots to build a telescope on the far side of the moon
Trent Moore

A research team is putting together a proposal to potentially use a remote-controlled rover to construct and plant a radio telescope on the far side of the moon.

Undergrad students discover rare pair of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies
Jeff Spry

Here's more fascinating news straight from the outer reaches of deep space.

Japanese scientists just built (and tested) the world’s most powerful laser
Trent Moore

Lasers have been the go-to weapon in science fiction for decades, and now a team of Japanese scientists have created one powerful enough to do some real damage. 

Guy makes Pacific Rim-style exoskeleton out of LEGOs in his bedroom
Trent Moore

Sure, we already have exoskeleton tech that can mimic the concepts we’ve seen in movies like Pacific Rim — but have you ever seen a guy pull off that technical feat with LEGOs and a cellphone in his bedroom?

That 'impossible' EmDrive space engine could conceivably reach Pluto in 18 months
Trent Moore

Word broke several months ago that a NASA lab had developed what many people equated to a warp drive, and now some new details on the emDrive tech claims it could potentially reach Pluto in 18 months.

NASA engineer on the biggest challenge in building a spacesuit for Mars
Trent Moore

Though most of the attention is on the potential ships, rockets and habitats needed to get us to Mars, NASA engineer Amy Ross is focused on a different part of the equation: namely, what we’ll wear when we get there.

New Fantastic 4 featurette digs into the real science behind alternate realities
Trent Moore

Josh Trank’s Fantastic 4 reboot puts a different spin on the classic origin, so the studio has put together a fascinating new promo to break down the real science behind what causes those superpowers.

New spacecraft exploring the Solar System for rare-element asteroids to mine
Trent Moore

Along with the obvious goal of expanding humanity beyond our own corner of the galaxy, space exploration brings another very practical use — mining. Specifically, metals and elements that can be rare on Earth.

Cutting-edge drugs mimic mutations, could turn people into real-life X-Men
Trent Moore

Sure, we may not have people capable of flying or shooting energy beams from their eyes, but mutations are a real thing in the real world. Now pharmaceutical companies are trying to turn those rarities of nature into something anyone can enjoy.

Pocket spectrometer is the Star Trek tricorder you always wanted
Carol Pinchefsky

You, yes you, can have a tricorder ... or an approximation thereof.