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Holograms: science just went there

Holographic images on your tablet, TV or smartphone could soon be a thing.

Dinosaur officially named after Ghostbusters' horned demon dog

A newly discovered dinosaur has been given a perfectly geeky official name.

Venus reveals a provocative new mystery

Volcanoes on the Venusian surface may mirror phenomena on the early Earth.

Why this ancient stone pillar could be a major astronomical find

The Vulture stone could be the eeriest evidence we have for a catastrophic asteroid collision.

When a neural network comes up with movie titles, you get Cannibal Spy II and Star Wars: The Santa Contract

A professor at Georgia Tech decided to source all the movie, book, TV and video game titles and summaries on Wikipedia to power a neural network. Then, he asked it to name the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show. The results were … a bit mixed.

This is how we could (really) colonize Mars
Apr 17, 2017

… and stay not only alive, but profitable.

That epic Japan vs USA giant robot battle is on for August
Apr 11, 2017

It's official! The international monster mech maul is scheduled to take place this summer.

Star Wars “superlaser”: from fiction to science
Apr 7, 2017

With a new method of laser conversion, a seemingly sci-fi era of high-powered beams is upon us.

How ancient observations could prevent a global blackout
Apr 7, 2017

Ancient eyewitness accounts of aurorae may help us predict the next solar storm.

Your space weather forecast: Proxima B
Apr 6, 2017

Weird weather could help astronomers understand the stellar phenomenon behind it.