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Image of the Day: Behold the breathtaking Bubble Nebula

Here's an awesome  anniversary image to help celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope's 26th birthday.

More than 300 TBs of data from the Large Hadron Collider are now available to the public

If you’ve been jonesing to dig through more data than you could ever conceivably comprehend about cutting edge science, here’s the ticket.

A dozen black holes are all shooting out energy in the same direction

There are a dozen black holes all spewing radio waves and gas in the same direction. Coincidence, or evidence of how the universe itself is comprised? That’s what researchers are trying to figure out.

NASA launching ambitious research initiative to create new era of X-Planes

Creating something that changes the game typically involves a certain level of risk, so as NASA looks to kickstart a new generation of experimental aircraft, the space agency is launching a new initiative to rethink the ways we fly.

Researchers develop new tech that uses your skull as a biometric password

We already have fingerprint technology to help keep our phones and devices locked up, but what if you could literally use your head as a password?

Researchers created a battery that lasts 400 times longer than normal, they're just not sure how they did it

A team of researchers at UC Irvine were trying to create a solid-state battery with gold nanowires and accidentally stumbled upon a design capable of lasting 400 times longer than a traditional battery.

New study finds that long term space travel could potentially cause liver damage

A new report indicates that space travel could potentially cause liver damage. As if the vast, cold deadliness of space in itself weren't dangerous enough.

How moon rocks might've just revealed a supernova blasted Earth millions of years ago

It’s been decades since we brought moon rocks back to Earth, but those Apollo-era artifacts still have a few secrets left to tell.

Cosmic ray telescopes could finally reveal secret chambers hidden in the pyramids

Since it wouldn’t exactly be wise to start ripping blocks out with construction equipment, archaeologists have to get a bit more creative when it comes to discovering the secrets still hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. Turns out, cosmic ray telescopes could hold the key.

Scientists discover a gargantuan new galaxy orbiting our Milky Way

There's something new in the neighborhood, and it's been keeping a low profile all these ages.

NASA funding research to turn asteroids into gigantic spaceships

The space agency might be strapped for cash, but NASA always keeps a few bucks available to fund some moon-shot research. Well, this could be one of the coolest ideas in years.

Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire unveil new plans for an interstellar spaceship

The super-genius and super-rich unite to create an expensive plan for a proposed interstellar voyage.

NASA using crash test dummies to study water landings for Orion spacecraft

We’re still at least seven years away from a manned mission for NASA’s Orion spacecraft, but the space agency is already practicing for the inevitable splashdown once we (eventually) make it back from Mars.

How fungus could allow future astronauts to grow their own drugs in space

Sure, you can plan ahead for things like food — but you never know how much (or what type of) medicine you might need for a years-long journey. If you’re talking about a trip to Mars, that gets even more complicated. But scientists think fungus and synthetic biology could be the key to keeping future space explorers stocked up on meds.