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Marvel announces 5 STEAM variant covers to get readers interested in science

Marvel Comics has released five new STEAM variant covers in an attempt to promote some interest from their readers for mathematics and the sciences.

California's Deep Space Industries targets 2020 to start asteroid mining

The great asteroid land rush is set to launch with Deep Space Industries' Prospector X spacecraft.

NASA's massive new megarocket will blow the hatches off the Saturn V

The debate is on as to which NASA rocket is the baddest dog on the launch pad.

Scientists may have evidence of a 5th force of nature

A new study suggests that there is another elemental force at work in the universe ... and the implications are profound.

MIT has developed smart tattoos that can control technology

Talk about the ultimate in wearable technology — how about your own skin?

Scientists have discovered a new type of fire that could cut down on carbon emissions

A fire tornado is pretty much as terrifying as it sounds, but researchers think they might be able to use these “fire whirls” for good.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is really a red-hot storm

Thunderstorms and hurricanes have nothing on the maelstrom that is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

NASA's AstrOlympics compares athletic performance with cosmic physics

Check out NASA's new infographs expanding the athletic arena into outer space.

Scientists think they've figured out how to travel through a black hole (but it'd probably still kill you)

Black holes are one of the most fascinating miracles in nature, and hold the potential promise of hopping across (or between) universes. There’s just one problem — we don’t exactly know how to actually survive traveling through a wormhole. Until now. Maybe.

Watch a suicide comet hurtle toward the sun at a million miles an hour!

Check out this streaking comet as it plunges to its imminent death.

Scientists want to use synthetic biology to light cities and build buildings

It’s not the most obvious technological advancement, but if we can ever truly master it, synthetic biology could literally reshape the world we live in.