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Do you believe that there's a dearth of "mature" science-fiction on TV right now? Ron D. Moore seems to think so.

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This month marks the 60th anniversary of MAD magazine. In all those years, it has lampooned nothing better, perhaps, than genre movies and TV. Be it horror, sci-fi or fantasy#&8212;MAD has taken on both the best ... and the worst.

Morons defend Earth from aliens in funny new trailer for The Watch
Dec 17, 2012

Though we're mostly thinking of late July as Dark Knight Rises season this year, it's not the only sci-fi game in town next month. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade are also trying to save the world from aliens in The Watch, and we've got a new giggle-worthy trailer to remind us.

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Though science fiction makes for a fair share of seriousness and technobabble, it's often at its best with a few laughs mixed in—and a sci-fi comedy that hits on all cylinders is a wonder to behold.

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Wanna see some of your favorite fanboy flicks remastered as animated features? Check out the Cinemarium Poster Series created by Canadian artist Ive Bastrash and hope Ripley, Hellboy and Indy someday get their chance to shine anime-style.

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In all the history of sci-fi literature, there have been some great passages written—but would you believe that just one book series is responsible for eight of the 10 most highlighted passages ever in Amazon's Kindle stats? Can you guess which series?