Meet Gotham's Fearsome Dr. Crane (but he's not the one you think)
Feb 2, 2015

Although the Scarecrow’s arrival on Gotham was teased a few weeks back, we didn’t know who was going to play the iconic role. But this particular Dr. Crane is not exactly who we thought he’d be.

This classic Batman villain is finally set to make his debut on Gotham
Jan 14, 2015

Another classic Batman villain is finally going to make his debut on Gotham in just a few weeks. Can you guess who it is? 

First details on how Fox's Gotham will introduce one of Batman's oldest, scariest villains
Nov 3, 2014

One of Batman’s earliest foes is coming to Fox’s hit prequel series Gotham, and it sounds like the writers are putting a little spin on the classic rogue to make it all fit.

DC's latest covers want you to go WTF (but will they?)
Mar 20, 2013

DC wants comic readers to have WTF moments in abundance come April. Is that a good thing?