Sarah Jane Adventures

Bittersweet trailer for final season of The Sarah Jane Adventures
Dec 15, 2012

The final six episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, completed before star Elisabeth Sladen's death from cancer in April, are set to begin airing October 3. But the new trailer for the show's final season isn't about Sarah Jane's curtain call.

Sarah Jane Adventures to end with Elisabeth Sladen's final 6 eps
Dec 14, 2012

With the recent passing of long-time BBC star, Elisabeth Sladen, the fate of her show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, had been called into question. It was almost impossible to imagine the program continuing on without its title character. especially considering she's has been kicking around since 1973. 

REVEALED: More info on those final 5 Sarah Jane Adventures episodes
Dec 14, 2012

It's been hard for fans of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures to deal with the news of Elisabeth Sladen's passing. One thing that's helped, though, is the knowledge that the final Sarah Jane episodes will be aired.

Sneak peek: 19 pics of Matt Smith's Sarah Jane Adventures episode
Dec 14, 2012

You know The Sarah Jane Adventures episode which will explain the change to Doctor Who's regeneration limit that everybody's been talking about? We've got our first look at it now that the BBC has released behind-the-scenes pics and promo shots from "Death of the Doctor," featuring Matt Smith.

1st look at the filming of Doctor Who's U.S. episode
Dec 14, 2012

It sucks that we can't see that pivotal Sarah Jane Adventures story "Death of the Doctor" in North America next week, but while we wait for the Christmas Special to give us our much needed Doctor Who fix until the series returns in 2011, how about having a look at the filming of the opening two-parter?

Goodbye, Doctor Who: David Tennant's exit interview
Dec 14, 2012

A very special conversation about all things Who, and some things Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures as well.