Santa Claus

Holly Jolly! Disney wants Anna Kendrick to play a female Santa Claus
Jan 12, 2017

Disney's putting a new twist on Santa, and they've found the star to drive the sleigh.

Awesome trailer for horror movie about a killer SANTA CLAUS
Jul 4, 2015

Is this horror movie about Santa real? We sure hope so.

Jack Bauer interrogates Santa in this hilarious holiday video
Jul 4, 2015

The counterterrorist of Fox's 24 tries to break a bearded guy in a red suit.

WTF: Studio developing gritty, Viking origin story for ... Santa Claus?
Mar 5, 2014

Batman. Superman ... Santa Claus? It seems like everyone is getting a gritty origin story these days, and now ol' Saint Nick is next.