Neil Gaiman hopes American Gods can get a Sandman TV show off the ground

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods series has debuted to generally universal acclaim, and now the author hopes that success can help tip the scales to get his other fantasy opus on the small screen.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaves Sandman film adaptation over creative differences
Mar 5, 2016

Just when it looked like things had finally gotten on track for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to finally reach the big screen, the troubled production goes and loses its star and director. Will this movie ever get made?

David Goyer offers an update on when Sandman might finally enter production
Oct 21, 2015

It’s taken a while, but a film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman comic series is finally on the way. So, when might this project actually make it in front of the camera?

Rumor of the Day: Before Watchmen brings Gaiman back to Sandman
Jul 4, 2015

It's been 16 years since fantasy icon Neil Gaiman ended his landmark comic book series Sandman, but it remains required reading for every new comics fan. Reprints, special issues and spinoff series by other writers have kept the Sandman world alive, and word around the San Diego Comic-Con this week is that Gaiman might be returning to the story for the first time in nearly a decade.

Confirmed: Neil Gaiman announces details of new Sandman prequel
Jul 4, 2015

It seems the rumors were true. A quarter century after debuting his iconic comic book series Sandman, Neil Gaiman will return to the character for an all-new prequel miniseries with DC Comics artist J. H. Williams III.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains why making a Sandman movie is more 'complicated' than you'd think
Jun 8, 2015

Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman comic might be one fantastic story, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bring it to the big screen.

Neil Gaiman on returning to Sandman, connecting back to the DC universe
May 26, 2015

Neil Gaiman returned to one of his seminal works this past year, putting together a gorgeous six-issue prequel comic to Sandman. So, what’s it like returning to this freaky world a full 25 years later?


Intriguing new info for that Lucifer TV series emerges
Feb 23, 2015

A director has finally been chosen to helm the pilot for Fox's upcoming Lucifer TV series. But, more importantly, we have some intriguing new info about the comic-book-based show. 

The Devil gets his due with Fox's new comic-based Lucifer series
Feb 5, 2015

Here comes trouble in the form of DC's famous fallen angel.

Neil Gaiman has a great idea for who should star in the Sandman film
Dec 16, 2014

Neil Gaiman wanted Benedict Cumberbatch as Morpheus in his upcoming Sandman flick, but since the actor's off to do Doctor Strange, Gaiman is suggesting another Marvel alum in the lead role.

Studio reportedly 'very happy' with Sandman script, according to Goyer and Gordon-Levitt
Dec 2, 2014

The long-awaited film adaptation of Gaiman’s Sandman is slowly winding its way through development, and now the two men responsible for making it happen have offered an update.

Collector's Corner: Robby The Robot replica + 11 more cool collectibles
Nov 26, 2014

Here's a hefty helping of appetizing delights from the geek collectible realm.

Warner Bros. is currently developing NINE new DC comic-based movies
Apr 29, 2014

After finally confirming Zack Snyder has been retained to direct a future Justice League flick, The Wall Street Journal just dropped another DC bombshell.