Russia wants to make a nuke-powered spaceship that could reach Mars in 45 days
Mar 11, 2016

The biggest problems with a Mars mission are that it’ll take approximately 18 months one-way and be even harder to carry enough fuel to actually make it back home. Well, the Russians might have figured out a way to get there a whole lot faster — and actually make it home, too.

Whoa! Russian cosmonauts just found life in the deadly vacuum of space
Aug 22, 2014

Well, this is interesting. Apparently Russian cosmonauts have found life on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS), clinging to the structure in the deadly vacuum of space.

Yikes! Russia hit by meteorite, hundreds injured [Video]
Feb 15, 2013

Space debris almost never makes it through the Earth's atmosphere but, when it does...

Russian prime minister teases files on aliens living among us
Jan 14, 2013

Go ahead and ask the nearest world leader if they have proof that aliens are real. You'll probably get some version of a "no comment" along with a grin or a chuckle. But apparently, if you ask Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev while he thinks his microphone is off, you get something else entirely.

Russians mistake street art Space Invader for a bomb, freak out
Dec 17, 2012

Apparently, Russian police are not big fans of Space Invaders. A piece of street art inspired by the classic 1970s videogame put Russian authorities on high alert this week, as a cute sculpture strung under a bridge was mistaken for a bomb at a Moscow industrial park.