Russell T. Davies

Lawyers force Russell T Davies to change the name of Aliens vs. Wizards
Jul 4, 2015

Lawyers are scary. Remember that upcoming new Russell T Davies series we told you about earlier this year? You know, the one titled Aliens vs. Wizards that's going to have aliens and wizards in it? Well, it ain't gonna happen anymore: at least not exactly like that. See, Davies got a phone call from one of those scary lawyers ...

First look, details for Russell T Davies' Wizards vs. Aliens
Jul 4, 2015

The man who revived Doctor Who, Russell T. Davies, has been hard at work on his latest BBC series Wizards vs. Aliens—and we finally have some new details on the quirky kids series.

1st footage from Davies' Wizards vs. Aliens shows a BIG spaceship
Jul 4, 2015

The first footage from former Doctor Who guru Russell T. Davies' new kiddie series Wizards vs. Aliens has finally been released, showing off some pretty flashy spaceship and wizard-ing effects.

New Russell T Davies series to mix aliens and ... wizards? Oh, my!
Jun 25, 2015

Russell T. Davies fans, rejoice, because the former Doctor Who showrunner is currently hard at work on a brand new TV series that'll mix (surprise!) aliens with cowboys Harry Potter wizards. Yep, you read that right: Aliens and wizards.

A Decade of Doctor Who: A look at the show's impact 10 years post-regeneration
Mar 26, 2015

The Doctor returned to television 10 years ago today following a long absence. We take a look at why the show is bigger than ever, and how it made an impact on American pop culture.

Davies and Moffat debate a certain Doctor's marriage to hilarious effect
Feb 5, 2015

Witness an argument between two grown men hopelessly and unrequitedly in love with a fictional character.

Russell T. Davies on why he won't return to write for Doctor Who
Jan 6, 2015

The man who led the successful resurrection of Doctor Who is in no hurry to return to work on the show.

Russell T Davies says Who fans shouldn't ignore that time the Doctor was half human
May 5, 2014

The former Doctor Who showrunner says we'd be fools to discount one of the most contentious statements in Who history.

Rumors fly as Doctor Who loses a THIRD executive producer
Mar 13, 2013

It was announced today that Doctor Who executive producer, Caroline Skinner, has left the show effective immediately.

New Torchwood plot REVEALED: What happens when no one dies?
Dec 14, 2012

Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies revealed the new title and plot of the upcoming American Torchwood series at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Friday. Turns out the working title Torchwood: The New World was a fake. It's really Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Torchwood's Russell T Davies says he's almost done with sci-fi
Dec 14, 2012

We're eternally grateful to Russell T. Davies for reviving Doctor Who in 2005, as well as for creating the spin-off series, Torchwood. But sadly, Davies, one of our favorite sci-fi television writers, has announced that it's about time for him step away from space battles and alien invasions in favor of something more mundane.

Russell T Davies wants you to know Captain Jack isn't gay
Dec 14, 2012

We didn't say it, Russell T. Davies, producer and co-writer of Torchwood: Miracle Day did: Captain Jack Harkness isn't gay. But it's going to be hard to prove after the upcoming season of Torchwood.

Torchwood's creator warns series' 4th season will be 'dark'
Dec 14, 2012

Thought Children Of Earth was as dark as you wanted Torchwood to get, what with the death of ... well ... you know who. According to series creator and producer Russell T. Davies, that's just the beginning of the darkness we're going to see as Torchwood gets ready for its fourth season.

6 ways Torchwood's new season will change everything
Dec 14, 2012

Torchwood: The New World doesn't even start filming until next year, but did we get big news today! Series creator Russell T. Davies attended the Television Critics Association fall press tour to preview his return to Torchwood and revealed six ways the new Torchwood will be bigger and better than ever before.

Revealed: How many regenerations Doctor Who REALLY gets
Dec 14, 2012

No, Doctor Who CAN'T live forever. But during this week's "Death of the Doctor" episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures (which sadly only aired in the UK), Russell T Davies made the Time Lord close to immortal by revealing that the revised number for the Doctor's regeneration limit is exactly ... 507! (That's right. 507.)