Russell T Davies

Steven Moffat reveals the BBC almost canceled Doctor Who in 2009
Jan 18, 2016

The Doctor Who showrunner talks about how close we came to losing the show in the wake of David Tennant's departure.

Here's why Russell T. Davies wants Steven Moffat to bring back River Song
May 22, 2015

Russell T. Davies has a great reason as to why Steven Moffat should bring back the magnificent Alex Kingston as the Doctor's wife. And it can be summed up in two brilliant little words.

WTF! The CBC wanted to redub 9th Doctor Chris Eccleston with a Canadian
Jul 2, 2013

Redub the Ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston on Doctor Who? Yup, that's the really silly idea the CBC had.

Look who won't be back for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary
Dec 17, 2012

We've all been speculating and/or hearing news about which former companions or Doctors may/wants to make a return appearance for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary next year. However, there's one very important person who was heavily involved in the series since its return to TV in 2005 who definitely WON'T be dipping his toes in the special, like, at all. Hint? It's not former 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Davies pitched a new Doctor Who project—but BBC shot it down
Dec 17, 2012

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies is the man who made one of the BBC's oldest characters cool for a whole new generation—and we nearly could've had some new Davies' Who. But, the BBC shot his latest idea down.

Disturbing news dashes hopes of seeing more Torchwood anytime soon
Dec 17, 2012

Have you been wondering why there hasn't been a new season of Torchwood announced yet? Do you believe the Doctor Who spin-off has been cancelled? Well, here's what's really going on!

Want more Torchwood? Convince Russell T Davies to come back
Dec 17, 2012

In the wake of Torchwood: Miracle Day—which performed decently enough in the ratings, but got mixed reviews from fans—it's natural to wonder if we'll ever get to see more adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. Right now, everyone wants to do it ... save Torchwood's creator.

How Torchwood plans to gross us out by going all Walking Dead
Dec 14, 2012

What do you get when you take Torchwood and use the premise that people. can't. bloody. die. as a main storyline? You may just get to see some pretty gruesome Walking Dead-style zombie-like scenes.

Why John Barrowman promises Torchwood will be '@#%!-ing awesome'
Dec 14, 2012

A new action-packed Torchwood: Miracle Day feature clip has been released by Starz, and its really, REALLY explosive.

SPOILER: Torchwood team to face a major change in Miracle Day
Dec 14, 2012

By now, you know all about Torchwood: Miracle Day's premise that one day, no one on Earth dies, right? Well, Russell T Davies has just made a big, whopping heck of an announcement about the upcoming 10-part BBC/Starz series. Need we say *spoilers*, everyone?

Russell T Davies: Ianto was 'designed to be a cult character'
Dec 14, 2012

Among the many things Torchwood fans are pretty vocal and passionate about, the death of Ianto Jones ranks at the top of the list. Even two years later, it still arouses passions and sparks furious debates, all the while making Ianto Jones somewhat of a cult figure in sci-fi TV history.

Torchwood's Russell T Davies: 'Oh, my God! Wait until you see...'
Dec 14, 2012

Last week Torchwood returned sucking us right back into the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper as they began to investigate a world-wide event known as Miracle Day. That miracle — people on the Earth suddenly stop dying — will turn out to be anything but as the series progresses, said series creator and executive producer Russell T Davies in an exclusive interview.

'Very good news' for Torchwood fans!
Dec 14, 2012

Will Torchwood return for another season?