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Rumor of the day: Daniel Craig close to coming back as James Bond
Apr 4, 2017

The actor who has played Bond for the past 11 years looks like he may return for one last assignment.

Rumor of the Day: Doctor Who companion Bill to leave with Peter Capaldi
Apr 3, 2017

Pearl Mackie’s first openly gay Doctor Who companion, Bill Potts, has yet to make her debut alongside Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, but rumors of her departure are already making the rounds.

Rumor of the Day: Warner Bros. courting Matthew Vaughn to direct Man of Steel 2
Mar 13, 2017

After helping reboot the X-Men with First Class over at Fox, Warner Bros. is reportedly courting Matthew Vaughn to get Man of Steel back on track.

Rumor of the Day: There will be a Green Lantern in Justice League
Feb 27, 2017

Looks like there may be a Green Lantern putting in an appearance in Justice League after all!

Rumor of the Day: Namor may finally be joining the MCU
Feb 17, 2017

Yesterday, a rumor started making the rounds that Marvel was planning to film a Namor/Sub-Mariner project in Hawaii. Today, more evidence has emerged, pointing a webbed finger to the fact that stuff could be about to get real.

Rumor of the Day: Here's where Deckard has been hiding in Blade Runner 2049
Jan 4, 2017

While Ryan Gosling will play the new lead in Blade Runner 2049, the movie will also see the return of Harrison Ford in his iconic role of Rick Deckard.

Rumor of the Day: The first new creature details for Star Wars: Episode VIII
Dec 22, 2016

Seems Luke Skywalker might not be alone on Ahch-To when Rey arrives in The Force Awakens.

Rumor of the Day: Megan Fox to play Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens?
Dec 15, 2016

Looks like Megan Fox may be looking to star as Poison Ivy alongside Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Gotham City Sirens.

Rumor of the Day: Is Disney eyeing Netflix as its next target?
Nov 15, 2016

The House That Walt Built could be trying to buy the monster streaming service Netflix!