Rosemary's Baby

Check out first two clips from NBC's eerie Rosemary's Baby miniseries
May 7, 2014

Zoe Saldana cruises the catacombs in this spooky preview.

New Rosemary's Baby mini-series gets its first trailer
Apr 15, 2014

On the fence about that new version of Rosemary's Baby? The first trailer has arrived to help you decide how you feel.

1st look at Zoe Saldana in NBC's new Rosemary's Baby mini-series
Mar 21, 2014

NBC has finally unleashed our very first look at Zoe Saldana in the titular role for its upcoming TV mini-series adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby.

Star Trek actress will put the Rosemary in NBC's Rosemary's Baby
Jan 9, 2014

Rosemary's Baby is coming to NBC, and a very familiar actress will play the lead. If you're a fan of Star Trek or Avatar, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Here's the next Stephen King miniseries (and more!) coming to TV
Jul 29, 2013

Classic horror fans, you’re in luck: The folks at NBC are looking to beef up their miniseries slate with some freaky new projects inspired by two of the scariest stories out there.

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Dec 17, 2012

Love horror movies but don't have the time to marathon through your favorites? One intrepid editor is here to help with a jaw-dropping assemblage of 163 terrifying flicks that takes only 2.5 minutes to watch.