Rose Leslie

Vin Diesel is cursed with immortality in new trailer for The Last Witch Hunter
Aug 7, 2015

If you thought The Last Witch Hunter looked like a trip before, just check out the latest trailer for Vin Diesel’s newest would-be franchise. This might be just crazy enough to work.

Vin Diesel wields a flaming sword in first official The Last Witch Hunter teaser trailer
Apr 29, 2015

Vin Diesel swaps fast and furious cars for hunting witches in the first The Last Witch Hunter teaser.

Why Rose Leslie defends Game of Thrones against charges of sexism
Sep 25, 2014

Is Game of Thrones sexist? Actress Rose Leslie, who played the wildling Ygritte, weighs in.

Dany and Jon as you’ve never seen them before in 3 new Thrones pics
Mar 13, 2013

How much fun is it to be working on Game of Thrones? From the looks of those three pics, a lot of fun.