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Exclusive: Director Charlie McDowell talks about his twisty and thoughtful sci-fi film The Discovery

In an exclusive interview with Charlie McDowell, the director tells us how his second directorial effort ended up becoming a streaming exclusive, how the story in The Discovery evolved and about the cast he assembled.

Netflix's sci-fi afterlife movie The Discovery gets a new trailer
Feb 23, 2017

What would happen if we had scientific proof that the afterlife does exist? That death is not finite? That's what Netflix's upcoming original movie The Discovery sets out to explore.

The afterlife is real in freaky trailer for Netflix original movie The Discovery
Jan 19, 2017

Netflix has been churning out original movies and series like crazy in the past couple of months ... and it's showing no signs of slowing down as the streaming giant has unveiled the trailer for one of their newest (and weirdest) upcoming offerings yet: The Discovery.

See Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard pilot a flying boat in first Pan trailer
Nov 25, 2014

Today we get our first look at a new take on Peter Pan -- and this time it's a prequel.