Rom: Spaceknight

The Solstar Order's legendary space knight returns in new 5-page preview for IDW's ROM #1
Jul 15, 2016

The classic sci-fi toy and '80s comic book hero is resurrected in this rocketing new ROM title from IDW.

ROM: Spaceknight writers talk 'scary, paranoid' comic reboot
Apr 19, 2016

The original Spaceknight is back in action, and now we have the first details in regard to what’s next for ROM.

G.I. Joe, Micronauts and ROM Spaceknight to become one massive, shared film universe
Dec 15, 2015

If you’ve been wondering when we’d reach the WTF-tastic tipping point of the shared universe, that moment is now.

James Gunn reveals characters he wanted to use, but couldn't, in Guardians of the Galaxy
Jan 6, 2015

You’d think by playing around in the little-used cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe, James Gunn would’ve had a bit more freedom to introduce some random characters in Guardians of the Galaxy.