Roger Friedman

By the time humans set foot on Mars, NASA wants its other craft prepped for an even more arduous mission.
Until now, anything launched to the surface of Mars has been on a one-way trip. Thanks to SpaceX, that may no longer be true.

A history of jet packs in space
Jun 30, 2014

From hand-held rocket guns to jet-powered backpacks, NASA has tried a variety of ways to give astronauts increased maneuverability in space.

Updated: Fox studio blasts's Wolverine review
Dec 14, 2012

The studio blasted Roger Friedman, who published a review based on a pirated version of the movie.

Updated: Fox News fires Wolverine reviewer Roger Friedman
Dec 14, 2012

Fox News fired the columnist who posted a review of a pirated version of Wolverine.