Roger Corman

Race into a rowdy new red band trailer for Roger Corman's Death Race 2050
Jan 6, 2017

Here's the rip-roaring new sci-fi flick from the sensational genius of Roger Corman.

Joe Dante to begin filming Roger Corman biopic in 2017
Nov 9, 2016

The story of one of cinema's most prolific showmen is, appropriately enough, coming to the screen.

Manu Bennett leads Death Race 2050 in first trailer for Roger Corman's latest film
Oct 7, 2016

If you’ve been waiting for a true successor to Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000, the wait is over. This looks so ridiculous, so cool, and oh so fun.

Roger Corman is producing a Death Race 2000 reboot
Feb 18, 2016

Legendary producer Roger Corman is returning to one of his most famous franchises.

Your Halloween guide to the best Vincent Price horror films
Oct 23, 2014

Almost eight decades after he made his screen debut, the great Vincent Price remains one of the iconic faces of horror cinema.

Doomed! trailer reveals untold story behind Roger Corman's Fantastic Four
Jan 13, 2014

Who knew The Fantastic Four was such a nightmare to adapt? Not the 2005 version, but the rarely-seen 1994 film. The cast and crew are letting it all hang out in a new documentary.

If Roger Corman directed Hunger Games + 4 more imaginary posters
Dec 16, 2012

With the film's release drawing close, we've already been inundated with trailers and posters for The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross and based on the young adult novel by Suzanne Collins. But, what if someone else—say, Christopher Nolan or Michael Bay—were in the director's chair?

Corman, York and 2012 honored by international press
Dec 14, 2012

Roger Corman and Michael York were among the honorees at the awards ceremony.

Sharktopus is real! And Roger Corman is making it!
Dec 14, 2012

Roger Corman, the legendary "King of the Bs," will bring Syfy's aquatic monster to life.

Craig Ferguson on Sharktopus: "Take that, Avatar!"
Dec 14, 2012

The host of The Late Late Show says the Syfy film will be Roger Corman's "best work yet."

Roger Corman reveals the secrets of Sharktopus!
Dec 14, 2012

The Oscar-winning producer explains what's behind a slate of upcoming Syfy movies.