SpaceX looking to eventually land three Falcon Heavy rockets at once
Jan 14, 2017

The private space firm SpaceX is still pretty psyched about successfully landing its Falcon 9 rocket, and now the company is looking a few more steps ahead.

SpaceX releases stunning sizzle reel of recent launches and reentries
Aug 10, 2016

SpaceX is leading the charge among private space companies, and they’ve been strapping high-res cameras to just about everything along the way the past couple years. So, what are some of the coolest things they’ve managed to record?

VIDEO: Watch SpaceX's breakthrough rocket take off and land
Jul 4, 2015

Remember SpaceX? They're the company that launched unmanned cargo ships to the International Space Station and promised they could sell us tickets to Mars in a decade or so. It's a lofty goal, but a big part of their strategy is cutting cost by building reusable rockets, and it seems they're making progress.