Robot Combat League

Check out Syfy's Robot Combat League, premiering tonight!
Feb 26, 2013

Blastr's parent company Syfy debuts its newest show, Robot Combat League, tonight at 10/9c.

Watch Syfy's new show Robot Combat League online before it hits TV
Feb 19, 2013

Syfy's new series Robot Combat League wasn't supposed to premiere until next Tuesday, but as we always say, it's never too early for fightin' robots.

Learn how Syfy's Robot Combat League blew George Lucas' mind
Jan 22, 2013

The robot apocalypse is coming—and it apparently even caught George Lucas himself by surprise. Professional wrestler Chris Jericho hosts Syfy's upcoming Robot Combat League series, which pits giant mechs against one another in a boxing rink ala Real Steel, and said he was surprised to learn that Lucas himself thought the premise was ahead of its time.

Check out 1st pics from Syfy's new giant robot fighting series
Jan 14, 2013

The first pics from Syfy's new, life-sized version of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots have been revealed—and it looks like sparks are gonna fly big time once this series gets started. Want to see some giant battle bots?