Image(s) of the Day: Life-sized ED-209 from fan-made RoboCop remake
Jan 25, 2017

Check out this incredible ED-209 costume from a 2014 RoboCop fan film. 

Veteran actor Miguel Ferrer, star of RoboCop and Twin Peaks, has died
Jan 19, 2017

Character actor Miguel Ferrer, who had roles in several sci-fi classics over the years, has passed away at the age of 61.

Machinima unveils programming slate with DC Comics, Clive Barker, Roberto Orci...and Robocop
May 5, 2015

At its digital content newfront presentation yesterday, online video platform Machinima unveiled a slate of upcoming "heroic" programming targeting fandom and gamer culture, and developed with industry heavy hitters -- and involving one robot cop.

17 cheesy TV ads that went all sci-fi (but really shouldn't have)
Nov 11, 2014

Making commercials is kind of like being that little kid on the playground who eats bugs: it's all about getting attention by any means necessary. Which is why it's okay for your company mascot to be a talking duck or a creepy king in a plastic mask. And also why TV ads are responsible for some of the freakiest abominations in sci-fi history.

8 sci-fi franchises that were saved by unlikely heroes
Jun 3, 2014

Sometimes, those series- or movie-saving moments come from the most unlikely sources.

Tuesday is RoboCop Day in Detroit
Jun 2, 2014

RoboCop is getting honored on Tuesday in the city he was sworn to protect.

RoboCop vs. Batman -- new movie cast weighs in
Feb 13, 2014

Batman is (kind of) in the new RoboCop movie, so you knew this question was inevitable.

Man vs. Machine: Why 1987's RoboCop was awesome then, and is iconic now
Feb 10, 2014

It's been 27 years since RoboCop made its theatrical debut. The film surpassed its B-movie status to become a sci-fi classic. So, what does it have that other movies don't?

Wait, those early RoboCop set pics were actually leaked by the studio?
Feb 7, 2014

Remember way back in 2012, when we got our first unofficial look at the new RoboCop suit thanks to some leaked set pics? Well, turns out we all got played.

50 filmmakers worked together to make this full, fan-made version of the original Robocop
Feb 7, 2014

Coming soon to an Internet near you, it's...Everyone Says I Love Remaking Robocop!

Existential new RoboCop footage asks: Should we put a man in the machine?
Feb 5, 2014

We're just a week away from Alex Murphy’s return to the mean streets of Detroit, and some new footage from the RoboCop remake is asking the big questions.

New RoboCop compares violence level to Verhoeven's 'over-the-top' original
Feb 4, 2014

Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci-fi classic RoboCop is revered for a lot of reasons, one of which is the director’s wild take on violence, which gave the film a very unique look.

Forget the Super Bowl. We have sci-fi's 19 best fake commercials
Feb 3, 2014

Commercials are a slightly monotonous, very real slice of life. When creating a fantastical universe, that's kind of the point.