Zack Snyder explains how Robin's 'cameo' fit into Batman v Superman

Critical consensus might be divided, but the fans have spoken — and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks to be a solid box-office hit. So, looking forward, what does it mean for the future (and past) of the DC Universe?

Image of the Day: First look at Jim Lee's awesome Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga continues with Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and we have a first look at Jim Lee's Bat-tastic variant cover for issue number one.

Another MAJOR piece of DC's Batman lore could be coming to Fox's Gotham

With future baddies like The Penguin and Catwoman already playing critical roles on the cast, Fox's Gotham might be bringing in another major component of the Batman lore.

We Are…Robin! writer on how DC's new comic solves the 'sidekick conundrum'

The Bat-family is getting a little bigger with the addition of new DC comic We Are...Robin!, and the writer of the Gotham-set series has opened up about the new street-level tale.

Image of the day: Robin concept art unearthed from Tim Burton's aborted Batman 3

Before Christopher Nolan rebooted things with his Dark Knight trilogy, the Batman franchise had pretty much become garbage. But things could’ve been a whole lot different.

Little-known sci-fi fact: this Batman villain was supposed to become Robin

If things had turned out a little differently at DC Comics in the 1980s, Batman's third sidekick would've been a former nemesis.

So who's working with Batman now that he doesn't have a Robin?

With the latest incarnation of the Boy Wonder now gone, Batman's looking for some additional collaborators.

TV's original Robin accuses DC Comics of making a 'terrible choice'

Burt Ward just heard what happened to Robin, and he is none too pleased.

Confirmed: DC's gonna kill off [REDACTED] this Wednesday

As Crazy Horse once said, "Wednesday is a good day to die." We may be paraphrasing slightly.

That 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin' TDKR rumor is back again

Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast in Christopher Nolan's final Batman flick, rumors have persisted that he'll be assisting the Caped Crusader as some version of the Boy Wonder. Levitt himself wouldn't deny that the rumor was true (nor would he confirm it), and now one intrepid blogger has assembled evidence from The Dark Knight Rises promotional materials to prove the theory right.

New Joker info hints at a Robin appearance in Dark Knight Rises

Some new background information on The Joker, courtesy of a recent Dark Knight Rises tie-in book, hints at a connection that could point to a potential appearance by Batman's protégé Robin in the final film of Christopher Nolan's trilogy.