Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas on the changes he'll make to The Lost Boys on TV
Jan 10, 2017

The cult hit '80s flick The Lost Boys is getting a new lease on life over at The CW, and Rob Thomas plans on shaking up the formula.

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas developing Lost Boys series at The CW
Aug 19, 2016

The CW has been doing good business with vampires for the better part of a decade, and now the network is filtering the trademark bloodsuckers through a 1980s classic.

Liv wants to eat Ravi's brain in first official iZombie Season 2 trailer
Sep 2, 2015

The CW's new hit series iZombie is back for second servings and more brains in new Season 2 trailer.

Check out iZombie's awesome opening titles sequence, designed by Mike Allred
Mar 12, 2015

The CW has unveiled the cool opening titles sequence for its upcoming iZombie TV show.

The quirky zombie uprising begins in first 2 clips from CW's iZombie
Mar 11, 2015

We're just a week away from the debut of The CW's comic-based genre drama iZombie, and here are the first two clips from the undead pilot episode.


Rob Thomas on the changes between the comic and TV versions of DC's iZombie
Mar 3, 2015

Though The CW’s upcoming series iZombie seems to have stayed close to the visual style of the comic that inspired it, the show does make some changes — and producer Rob Thomas is here to explain why.

iZombie's Rob Thomas + Diane Ruggiero-Wright on building the perfect zombie show
Jul 26, 2014

How will the DC/Vertigo comic book created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred translate to a CW show?

Meet the lovely, brain-eating star of The CW's comic-based iZombie series
Mar 13, 2014

The CW is tackling one of the quirkiest, coolest comics out there by trying to adapt iZombie for the small screen -- and now they’ve cast the do-gooder, brain-eating star.

Veronica Mars creator turning iZombie comic into TV series at The CW
Jan 30, 2014

Watch out AMC, The CW is getting ready to make a play for some small-screen zombie fans - and they've signed up Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas to make it happen.

Rob Thomas thinks Cupid, like love, is better the second time around
Dec 14, 2012

The creator of the romantic comedy series talks about how things have changed since the first go-round.

Review: Cupid's second chance at love may be too sweet to survive
Dec 14, 2012

Once upon a time, ABC aired a goofy show about a probably crazy guy who thought he was Cupid, the Roman god of...