Rob Liefeld

Image of the Day: Rob Liefeld draws Josh Brolin as Cable

Cable creator Rob Liefeld has shared a new sketch of actor Josh Brolin as the time-traveling mutant.

Deadpool creator wants Russell Crowe for Cable and tells him so
Feb 27, 2017

Comic book writer Rob Liefeld thinks Russell Crowe should play Cable in Deadpool 2, and Crowe is listening.

Deadpool creator's Extreme Universe comics to become movies
Jan 3, 2017

Want more comic book movies at your local multiplex? A whole slew of them may be coming your way.

Paramount picks Rob Liefeld's Avengelyne for feature film adaptation
Nov 7, 2016

Deadpool's creative daddy scores a big-screen adaptation of his Avengelyne.

Why Rob Liefeld refused to have Cable included in the Deadpool movie
May 10, 2016

They go together like white on rice, but Deadpool’s famous pal Cable was nowhere to be seen in the Merc With a Mouth’s big-screen debut. Why? Because comic legend Rob Liefeld fought to keep him out.

Image of the Day: Here is Rob Liefeld's top choice to play X-Men mutant Cable
Jan 12, 2016

Here's Rob Liefeld's MAD choice to play Cable in a future movie from Fox's X-Men universe.

Rob Liefeld reveals what we can expect from that upcoming Deadpool movie
Apr 2, 2015

Deapool creator Rob Liefeld has come out in support of the upcoming Marvel flick, promising us a cinematic experience unlike anything we've ever experienced. We're cool with that.

Rob Liefeld: 'Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool,' Cable is coming
Nov 3, 2014

Rob Liefeld has reiterated over the weekend that "Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool" and thoroughly whetted our appetites by teasing the coming of Cable to the big screen.

Gods to fight Avengers-style in new film from Deadpool co-creator
Jan 22, 2013

Although movies like Wrath of the Titans and Immortals have not fared well at the box office, that doesn't seem to be stopping a new one from being proposed—only this time featuring the ancient gods in an Avengers-style team-up.

Deadpool co-creator quits DC, blames 'editor pissing contests'
Dec 17, 2012

First one writer left DC Comics over ethical concerns, then another swore he'd never go back. Now a big-name veteran comics artist is cutting ties with DC, and he's being very public about his problems with the company.

Has footage for the long-awaited Deadpool film already been shot?
Dec 16, 2012

It's been a few months since we've heard anything good about a Deadpool movie, which seems to be one of those frustrating, forever in development flicks that always feels very, very far away. But producer Lauren Shuler Donner promised they were working, and now Deadpool's co-creator says he "may or may not" have seen the evidence in the form of eight minutes of R-rated test footage.