the road warrior

The new Mad Max movie screened last night. Here's what people thought of it.
May 1, 2014

Last night in Burbank, Calif., the first public screening was held for Mad Max: Fury Road.

17 dystopic futures we hope we'll never have to live through
Dec 17, 2012

Science fiction teems with harrowing dystopic visions of a tomorrow far worse than today for any number of reasons: Viral outbreak, world war, alien invasion, zombies. And in honor of Green Week, here are some of the most inhospitable, which remind us of the necessity of being green ... and knowing how to field-strip a Colt. 45.

3 classic sci-fi movie cars pimped into stunning vintage ads
Dec 16, 2012

By mating his love for some of science fiction's hottest rides with an appreciation for retro automotive ads, a graphic designer has crafted—and is selling—some rather impressive posters.