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8 great sci-fi movie car chases guaranteed to get your pulse racing
Jul 4, 2015

The crime thriller Drive (which opens today) manages to overcome its lackluster direction and acting to deliver some outstanding, pulse-pounding car chases—and those...

14 classic sci-fi films that could be blockbusters in rerelease
Jul 4, 2015

With The Lion King taking first place at the box office last weekend, it got us thinking: What other old-school favorites could storm theaters and—unlike The Lion King—without the benefit of 3D?

Saddle up for 12 good, bad and ugly sci-fi/horror western movies
Dec 14, 2012

One of the major science fiction magazines used to run a back-cover ad explaining that they didn't want any "Bat Durstons"—that is, stories that were literally just westerns gimmicked up in SF clothing, that amounted to stories of how space marshal Bat Durston hopped up on his space horse and rode off to the space ranch to stop the space outlaws from rustling the space cows.