Joss Whedon says that Giles-centric Buffy spinoff ain't dead yet
Jun 26, 2015

There's been so much Avengers this and Cabin in the Woods that lately that it's easy to forget how many other potential projects Joss Whedon is still juggling. There's that cool web series he wants to do with Warren Ellis, the inevitable return of Dr. Horrible , and then there's that long-dormant Buffy spinoff starring everyone's favorite badass librarian.

Anthony Stewart Head 'still game' for Whedon's long-delayed Buffy spinoff
Jun 24, 2014

When Buffy was heading to an end, Whedon was kicking around ideas for a spinoff — and he had one heck of a cool idea for Anthony Stewart Head’s tortured watcher.

Anthony Head: The Buffy spinoff Ripper may still be possible
Dec 14, 2012

The former Giles tells us that the Buffy spinoff centering on his character could still happen.