Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott developing new block of sci-fi programming for TNT

TNT found a good bit of success in the sci-fi genre with Falling Skies, and now the network is going all-in with Ridley Scott to develop a whole lot more.

Ridley Scott doesn't think aliens will come in peace

The Alien director may disagree with SETI on a few things, but he may be eerily right about one.


Adam Savage dons Alien: Covenant spacesuits plus new featurette and B-roll video

Check out Tested's head geek trying on Weyland-Yutani spacewear, and two new Alien: Covenant promos to boot!

Ridley Scott admits he got it 'wrong' with Prometheus

Expectations are high for Alien: Covenant, but that’s largely in spite of Prometheus. Well, Ridley Scott has finally heard your cries.

Ridley Scott not wasting time to prep next Alien movie

The Alien: Covenant director seems intent on getting more movies in the franchise out as quickly as possible.

Why Ridley Scott thinks Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 will never happen

Alien: Covenant helmer Ridley Scott explains why he thinks Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 will never happen.

David releases a deadly payload in spoilery new Alien: Covenant TV spot

Here's a Vietnamese TV spot that drops a gigantic bomb of a spoiler for fans.

A Neomorph snacks on the crew in new hi-res Alien: Covenant images

Check out these new shots of Walter, David, and a nasty Neomorph snacking on a crew member.

Alien: Covenant featurette explains the connection with Prometheus
Apr 13, 2017

We’re nearly a month away from the hotly anticipated premiere of Alien: Covenant, and to whet our appetite for more Xenomorph action, 20th Century Fox has released a new video featurette.