Rick Berman

Image of the day: Rick Berman tweets the pic of an enigmatic (and unused) Star Trek TNG movie script
Sep 2, 2014

Rick Berman has tweeted the pic of an enigmatic and unused Star Trek: The Next Generations -- The Movie script. Question is, what was it about?

Star Trek producer reveals the reasons Enterprise failed
Dec 14, 2012

Many people think that Star Trek: Enterprise was the one major failure of the Star Trek franchise. But WHY did it fail? Long time Star Trek producer Rick Berman has the answer.

How Star Trek: Nemesis almost happened without the Next Gen cast
Dec 14, 2012

Star Trek: Nemesis, the last film featuring The Next Generation cast, is perhaps best known for killing Data, having that Picard clone (played by then relatively unknown Tom Hardy) and a bunch of ugly Remans as the big bads of the film. But what's really shocking is to learn that Nemesis almost happened without any of the TNG cast.

How Tom Hanks and Marlon Brando almost appeared on Star Trek
Dec 14, 2012

Marlon Brando as Soran on Star Trek: Generations? Tom Hanks for Star Trek: First Contact or Insurrection? It nearly happened. And finding out about these and some other names that could have played some of our favorite characters—including the Borg Queen—has got us really, really excited this morning. (Or maybe it's the coffee).