Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson's 1956 sci-fi novel The Shrinking Man coming to IDW comics

Adaptations are all the rage these days, and IDW is digging deep into the sci-fi catalog for its latest new series. 

20 Years of the Twilight Zone New Year's Marathon and 20 things you didn't know about the show

This holiday, Syfy celebrates two decades of New Year's Eve spent in the fifth dimension, so we spoke to a pop culture expert (and Rod Serling's friend) for 20 things you didn't know about the Zone.

They will be missed: Remembering 24 sci-fi legends we lost in 2013

Sure, 2013 was an awesome year for science fiction — but we also had to bid farewell to some true legends of the genre.

Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend, dies at 86

We lost a legend today. Writer Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend and a ton of other great works, passed away at the age of 86.

6 genre authors who HATED Hollywood's adaptations of their work

Fans aren't the only ones who complain about crappy adaptations of their favorite genre works. The authors themselves are often unafraid to get in on the action. Here are six sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers who spoke up when their work got butchered.

Richard Matheson wants to make 150 movies—but only HIS way

Hollywood has been making films based on Richard Matheson's fiction for more than 50 years. His novel I Am Legend produced not one but three flicks, and the latest adaptation of his work—Real Steel—opens Friday.

Kim Newman: 10 vampire novels that helped inspire Anno Dracula

Neil Gaiman has called Kim Newman's Anno Dracula, "the first mash-up of literature, history and vampires, and now, in a world in which vampires are everywhere, it's still the best." Here are the bloody pieces from which Newman built that classic novel, back in print at last. I've often said Anno Dracula is literally a vampire novel, in that it battens on to other novels and sucks their lifeblood—in the process, exploiting, abusing, degrading, feeding off, changing and perhaps immortalising them.

Richard Kelly explains his weird film The Box to us

Director Richard Kelly talks with us exclusively about adapting Richard Matheson's short story.

Check out 8 GOOD films from The Box's Richard Matheson

The Box has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh reviews—it's currently at 49% on the Tomatometer. But whatever you do,...

The 7-minute YouTube version of The Box that's worth watching

"Black Box" was one of the finalists for a YouTube Award in the category of Best Short Film.

Wolverine's robot boxing movie Real Steel shoots in summer

Hugh Jackman's robot boxing movie begins production this summer in the Midwest.

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly reveals just what's in The Box

Richard Kelly talks with us exclusively about why he adapted Richard Matheson's short story.