Rian Johnson

Geek out as Christopher Nolan talks Interstellar with Rian Johnson in 30 min. interview
Trent Moore

What do you get when you sit down two of the coolest sci-fi filmmakers to chat about one of the coolest sci-fi flicks of the year? This, and it’s awesome.

Rian Johnson tells Terry Gilliam what it's like to work on Star Wars
Don Kaye

Director Rian Johnson opened up a bit about working on Star Wars Episode VIII to, of all people, Terry Gilliam.

Star Wars VIII's Rian Johnson talks practical effects, dealing with the pressure
Trent Moore

Though we still have a while to wait until we see J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars VII, director Rian Johnson (Looper) is already cooking up plans for the next installment. So, what’s up?

Rian Johnson reveals 2 films he's screened as inspiration for Star Wars 8
Matthew Jackson

Rian Johnson has begun work on his first Star Wars film, and the movies he's watching as preparation might surprise you.

Looper's Rian Johnson to write, direct Star Wars Episode VIII; script IX
Trent Moore

We were wondering who might tackle the next few Star Wars films after J.J. Abrams kicks things off with Episode VII, and now we have an answer.

Looper director going cyberpunk for mysterious new sci-fi movie
Trent Moore

Indie director Rian Johnson catapulted into mainstream sci-fi fandom with his intriguing time travel flick Looper, and it sounds like he’ll be sticking around the genre a little longer.

Looper director explains his '10 degrees off' approach to dystopia
Trent Moore

Building an action, noir flick around a time-travel McGuffin is a somewhat risky movie in itself, so Looper director Rian Johnson decided to take a unique approach to his vision of the near-future. Basically, it's still our world—just with a dash of Blade Runner mixed in.

You're gonna like Emily Blunt when she's angry in new Looper clip
Krystal Clark

Get ready to see Emily Blunt like you've never seen her before. The British actress puts on her best country accent for Rian Johnson's Looper. Sony has a released a new clip that shows the charged first meeting between her and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

See director Rian Johnson's early pitch reel for a darker Looper
Matthew Jackson

Some movies are just born great, while others are made that way by editing, rewrites and sheer force of will. Rian Johnson's Looper, one of the best sci-fi movies we've seen in a long time, seems like a little bit of both. As this fascinating early pitch reel shows, Johnson had his concept well in hand from the beginning, but the original tone was a bit more grim.

Peter Jackson's not the only director who wants a piece of Who
Trent Moore

We're already salivating at the thought of Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson directing an episode of Doctor Who, and now it seems another buzzy director wants to take a crack at the Time Lord. So who is it?

Hear Looper director's shot-by-shot commentary of his twisty trailer
Trent Moore

We just recently got our first look at the time travel noir flick Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, and now director Rian Johnson has set down to explain exactly what was going in the first twisty trailer.

1st look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt's top-secret Looper time machine
Krystal Clark

Let's start the new year off right—with time travel. Director Rian Johnson has given us a sneak peek at the time machine that appears in his latest film Looper. Check it out and tell us what you think!