Reverse Flash

The Flash's Andrew Kreisberg teases Reverse-Flash's confusing return, Zoom's identity
Jan 26, 2016

With the gang still trying to figure out how to take on Zoom, The CW’s Flash is pulling out the big guns and bringing back another Big Bad from Season 1. But fans are likely wondering exactly how that will work considering that [spoilers].

The (original) Reverse-Flash is coming back to The CW’s Flash this season
Dec 23, 2015

If you thought the story surrounding Season 1 Flash baddie the Reverse-Flash was over, think again. There’s just, you know, a twist.

Reverse-Flash Tom Cavanagh promises 'huge risks', epic face off with Flash, Arrow and Firestorm
May 12, 2015

We already knew the Flash team would pull our all the stops for the season-one finale, and star Tom Cavanagh promises it’s even bigger than we’d hoped.

The Flash's latest addition opens up about that shocking Reverse-Flash reveal
Apr 1, 2015

Just when we thought we had all this Reverse-Flash stuff figured out, The CW goes and throws in a major twist to completely blow our minds.