Image of the day: Legends' Legion of Doom features A-listers from Flash, Arrow
Sep 14, 2016

The second season of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres this fall, and a new behind-the-scenes pic reveals the legendary baddies our heroes will be facing.

The Flash's Andrew Kreisberg teases Reverse-Flash's confusing return, Zoom's identity
Jan 26, 2016

With the gang still trying to figure out how to take on Zoom, The CW’s Flash is pulling out the big guns and bringing back another Big Bad from Season 1. But fans are likely wondering exactly how that will work considering that [spoilers].

The Flash producer teases what comes next after that game-changing twist
Mar 18, 2015

As the screen went black on last night’s episode of The Flash, most fans probably started checking to make sure this wasn’t actually the season finale. It was that big, and it blew the mythology wide open.

Official new Flash pic finally reveals Reverse-Flash in all his glory
Mar 13, 2015

The CW has finally released our first proper (and best) official look at the Scarlet Speedster's archnemesis, Reverse-Flash.