WarGames co-writer on what he'd like to see in a modern-day reboot
Mar 20, 2017

The man who wrote the 1980s sci-fi classic WarGames has some thoughts on how the franchise could translate into the modern day. Not surprisingly, it's a bit different than the video game-y spin of the original.


Canadian TV series ReBoot is getting a reboot
Jun 9, 2015

Canadian '90s computer-animated series ReBoot will be getting a 21st-century update.

Beloved 1990s CGI sci-fi series ReBoot is finally getting a sequel
Nov 28, 2014

Fans of the 1990s CGI sci-fi series ReBoot have been patiently waiting for the beloved classic to get another shot for decades now. Well, the time has finally arrived.

New Ghostbusters director opens up about the female-led 'origin story' reboot
Oct 9, 2014

Forget Ghostbusters 3. A female-led reboot of Ghostbusters is rolling through development, and the film’s director, Paul Feig, has opened up about their new-look vision for the franchise.

LEGO Movie directors rebooting 1980s sci-fi series Greatest American Hero
Sep 2, 2014

Studios are digging fairly deep at this point, and now they’ve unearthed the 1980s superhero show Greatest American Hero. It’s reboot time.

18 bizarre Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles
Aug 8, 2014

They were the Beatles of anthropomorphic cartoons ... and the product tie-ins got just as crazy.

Ruh-Roh. Warner is set to reboot the Scooby-Doo live-action movie series
Jun 17, 2014

Like, zoinks, Scoob. Couldn't they, like, search for new franchises in the kitchen instead?

Gremlins reboot might bring cutest '80s monsters ever back to life
Jan 22, 2013

Well, it was a statistical inevitability wasn't it? The Gremlins, considered by many horror fans to be their favorite Christmas movie, looks to finally be getting doused with water. Or is that fed after midnight?

Watch out, RoboCop! Your 'evil and ultra-rich' enemy has been cast
Dec 17, 2012

As more casting news starts to trickle out about the upcoming RoboCop reboot, we keep getting more and more excited about how cool this thing could be. So who will be the big bad facing off with RoboCop 2.0?

Why star says Carrie reboot is gonna be the 'Black Swan version'
Dec 17, 2012

Though Stephen King's classic supernatural high school novel Carrie has already been adapted for the big screen back in 1976, the star of the upcoming reboot says don't worry—the new flick is definitely not a retread. In fact, it may bear more in common with Black Swan than the original Carrie.

Did Daredevil reboot director just reveal the new Matt Murdock?
Dec 17, 2012

We haven't heard too much on the proposed big screen reboot of Marvel Comics' Daredevil in a while, but the film's director David Slade has now opened up about who he wants to take over for Ben Affleck as the new Matt Murdock.

Blake's 7 reboot coming to fill that BSG-sized hole in our hearts
Dec 17, 2012

It may have had a relatively short run on the BBC back in the early 1980s, but Blake's 7 was a monster sci-fi hit at the time in England. It's taken a few decades, but it looks like Blake's 7 might finally be coming back to life.

Creepy new concept art gives 1st look at rebooted Hellraiser
Dec 17, 2012

Despite its creepy awesome origins, the Hellraiser franchise has fallen on some hard times as of late, with terrible sequel after terrible sequel churned out straight-to-DVD. But there is hope—and here's our first look at the bloody reboot that might finally right the ship.

Watch out, Iron Man—the Rocketeer is coming back!
Dec 17, 2012

With The Avengers and Iron Man lighting up the box office, Disney has decided to bring their classic flying, iron-clad hero back to life. Folks, The Rocketeer is getting a reboot.