DC's Batman Rebirth is about to start connecting the Watchmen dots

Tying in the characters and events of Watchmen to the larger DC Comics universe was the big secret and big reveal when the line debuted earlier this year. Then … nothing. Now it sounds like this crossover is about to start making a bit more sense.

Blue Beetle returns in first look at DC's Rebirth relaunch series
Aug 23, 2016

Sure, the first batch of DC’s Rebirth titles have focused mostly on the A-listers, but one of the more interesting comics is finally about to hit shelves. Want a peek?

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee on why Rebirth is definitely not a reboot
Jul 29, 2016

Marvel Comics has turned the non-reboot “reboot” into an art form these days, and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee has opened up to provide some additional context about the publisher’s ongoing Rebirth relaunch.

Flap into this new five-page preview + covers for DC's Batgirl Rebirth #1
Jun 22, 2016

Here's an adventurous sneak peek at this next month's Batgirl Rebirth #1. 

A galaxy of superhero stars shine in new animated promo for DC' s Rebirth
Jun 2, 2016

Here's a tempting preview for DC's Rebirth destined to rally the fans.

Image of the day: DC Comics' new, post-Rebirth logo revealed
May 17, 2016

With the Rebirth launch pending, DC Comics has unveiled the company’s new logo that’ll be showing up in the corner of all those new ‘books.

DC Comics rolls out its full roster of controversial Rebirth comics
Feb 22, 2016

Here's the official list of DC Comics Rebirth comics headed your way this summer.

DC Comics' Geoff Johns on how the 'Rebirth' reboot is actually a lot like Star Wars
Feb 19, 2016

With Marvel enjoying some renewed critical and sales success coming off the All New, All Different relaunch, DC Comics is also gearing up for its own semi-reboot — and the spirit of the idea might owe a debt of gratitude to a galaxy far, far away.