Rebecca Hall

Discover Transcendence with new footage from Johnny Depp's latest

With Transcendence opening in theaters in just over a month, a new featurette has surfaced to dissect the meaning of the movie's title.

Dr. Maya Hansen's bloody (but alive)  in new Iron Man 3 pic

Check out the new woman in Tony Stark's life. Here's a good look at Dr. Maya Hansen.

Watch 1st 10 minutes of ghost-busting The Awakening pic NOW

We don't get nearly enough solid, compelling ghost stories, especially in the summer time. Thank goodness, The Awakening is coming out soon and the first 10 minutes are right here to check already.

Chastain's out as Iron Man 3's sexy scientist, but look who's in

With work on Iron Man 3 ramping up now, the film saw a bit of a shake-up a few days ago when actress Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life) dropped out of talks to play a new "sexy scientist" who rivals Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) due to a scheduling conflict. But, no worries, because they've just found a new leading lady.