Real Life

Real-life Batman and Captain America team up to save cat from a fire
Sep 9, 2013

The human imagination couldn't come up with a story this adorable. Thankfully, it happened in real life!

There's a real-life superhero vigilante killing people in Mexico ... maybe
Sep 4, 2013

Who is Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers? And is she even real?

How a real-life superhero fought a police ban and WON
Apr 29, 2013

A Seattle vigilante's conflict with the police raises some interesting questions about real-life super heroes.

Meet the 19-year old college kid protecting his home town as Batman
Mar 27, 2013

Petaluma, California has found a hero the town deserves.

Real-life costumed hero decides to pack it in after getting beat up
Mar 19, 2013

Up in the air! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... oh, never mind, he's leaving.

Guy in Batman costume captures thief, delivers to police station
Mar 4, 2013

Never mind Christian Bale, we've got the real Batman right here!

Did this guy just spontaneously combust? That's what cops think.
Feb 20, 2013

And coming in at #1 on our ways we don't want to die is ...

Real-life superhero wants you to join his vigilante crusade
Jan 22, 2013

Controversial local vigilante, Phoenix Jones, has been keeping the streets of Seattle as safe as he can, but it looks like he needs some help. Are you brave (or unhinged) enough to join the fight?