Ralph Fiennes

Watch Ralph Fiennes awkwardly read X-rated Harry Potter fan fic
Dec 16, 2012

The sci-fi and fantasy genres are easy targets for porn spoofs. Lord of the G-Strings, Sex Wars and Flesh Gordon are just a few famous parodies. Therefore, we knew Harry Potter wouldn't be too far behind. And surprisingly, Lord Voldemort himself (Ralph Fiennes) has indulged in some X-rated ... wizardry.

Zeus gets smacked upside the head in 1st Wrath of the Titans clip
Dec 16, 2012

Can't the gods all just get along? Not according to Hades. In the first clip from Warner Bros. Wrath of the Titans, Zeus tries to reason with his evil sibling but his cries fall on deaf ears.

Gritty new poster for Deathly Hallows 2 teases the end of Potter
Dec 14, 2012

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 2 coming July 15, 2011, the end is fast approaching, and in the final installment's first poster, 10 years of boy wizarding has taken its toll on poor Harry.