Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones cinematographer passes away at 103
Feb 23, 2016

The man responsible for one of the great closing shots in film history has passed beyond the realm of human understanding.

The Golden Gate Bridge is 75: Check out 24 times it starred in sci-fi
Jul 4, 2015

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge—a frequent guest star in sci-fi movies and TV—turns 75 years old this weekend. Opened in 1937 after four...

Spielberg won't 'go Lucas,' will release original E.T. on Blu-Ray
Jul 2, 2015

At an event celebrating Raiders of the Lost Ark's 30th anniversary, Steven Spielberg revealed that when it comes to his genre masterpieces, fans will be able to get the versions they fell in love with.

Fan remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark gets its own documentary
Feb 26, 2015

How good was a fan-crafted remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark? So good that it's gotten its own documentary.

Image of the Day: Original concept art for the Ark from Raiders of the Lost Ark
Jan 2, 2015

It’s one of the most iconic props in cinema lore, and here’s what the iconic Ark from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark almost looked like.

This 5-minute Indiana Jones remake starring a puppy is the cutest thing you'll see today
Dec 29, 2014

This is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s absolutely worth your time. Unless you hate Indiana Jones and puppies.


Steven Soderbergh re-edits Raiders of the Lost Ark as a silent B&W classic
Sep 23, 2014

Check out this masterful new experimental cut of Spielberg's original Indy film.

Watch PBS's hourlong 1981 documentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark
Nov 26, 2013

This Thanksgiving, how about a nice blast from Indiana Jones’ past — long before the phrase “nuke the fridge” was an accepted part of the English language?

See the gross Raiders head explosion Spielberg was forced to change
Nov 15, 2013

That legendary Ark-opening sequence was originally a little bit more graphic.

See Harrison Ford's original Raiders of the Lost Ark script notes
Jan 30, 2013

Harrison Ford might have made it look easy to play a super cool archaeologist adventurer, but if his original script notes are any indication, he actually put a lot of work into Indiana Jones.

Guy who did those super-detailed Star Wars maps just did Indy Jones
Jan 22, 2013

A few days ago, we showed you a trio of gorgeous plot maps diagramming the entire original Star Wars trilogy. Now the same artist has mapped the first three Indiana Jones adventures, and the results are equally dazzling.

See the swordfight that never made it into Raiders of the Lost Ark
Dec 17, 2012

Quick, what's the first scene you think of when we say Raiders of the Lost Ark? Unless you said "giant boulder" or "melting faces," you're probably thinking of Indiana Jones gunning down a swordsman in the middle of an Egyptian market. It's an iconic Indy moment, but it was almost something much more elaborate.

Little-known sci-fi fact: R2-D2 appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Dec 17, 2012

We know, you've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark a hundred times. So have we. But have you ever noticed an appearance by two characters from co-writer George Lucas' other iconic franchise? That's right. You might not have known it, but Raiders features droids.