Rachel Nichols

Continuum’s Rachel Nichols stars in first trailer for zombie thriller Pandemic
Feb 2, 2016

Just when you think the found-footage craze has run its course, a new horror flick tries to pull you back in (and eat your brains, probably). Next up: Pandemic.

Continuum Season 4 trailer: 'I'm terrified of making everything worse'
Sep 4, 2015

A new teaser trailer for Continuum’s final season has been released, and the future is (literally) coming back to haunt Kiera and Alec.

It all comes to an end in first trailer for Continuum's final season
Aug 5, 2015

One of the best shows you’re probably not watching is coming to an end this fall, and here’s our first peek at the epic conclusion.

Look who's joined Conan: Star Trek's alien hottie
Jun 26, 2015

The green-skinned, red-headed Orion who hooked up with James T. Kirk in Star Trek has joined the cast of Marcus Nispel's Conan.

Rachel Nichols on Continuum's long-awaited final season: 'I don't want it to end'
Jan 28, 2015

For a while there, it looked like we’d never get a chance to see how Continuum would come to an end. But thankfully, a final season is finally on the way.

Answers are coming: Watch 10 revealing minutes from Continuum's third season
Mar 14, 2014

We’re just a few weeks away from the third season of Syfy’s time-travel cop series Continuum, and 10+ minutes of new footage has been released to whet our appetite.

Continuum star promises death, answers + Back to the Future-style twists in S3
Jan 6, 2014

With its third season on the way, time-travel drama Continuum has quietly become one of the most compelling sci-fi shows out there — and it sounds like things are getting even wilder in 2014.

Syfy picks up time-traveling cop series Continuum for S3
Aug 1, 2013

The time-traveling adventure of future-cop Kiera Cameron will continue for another year in the U.S., as Syfy has snatched up the season three rights to the sci-fi action series Continuum.

Time-travel cop series Continuum renewed for 3rd season in Canada
Jun 5, 2013

The second season hasn’t even debuted in the U.S. yet, but Canadian network Showcase has already picked up Continuum for a third year.

Why Rachel Nichols dares you to watch her Syfy series Continuum
Jan 22, 2013

Rachel Nichols has a challenge for you. The actress, who has appeared in such things as Star Trek, Alias and Criminal Minds, believes you'll have a specific reaction to her new time travel series, Syfy's Continuum, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Meet the girls who kick ass in G.I. Joe
Dec 14, 2012

We talked exclusively with the two femmes fatale in the summer blockbuster.