Cosmic ray telescopes could finally reveal secret chambers hidden in the pyramids
Apr 19, 2016

Since it wouldn’t exactly be wise to start ripping blocks out with construction equipment, archaeologists have to get a bit more creative when it comes to discovering the secrets still hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. Turns out, cosmic ray telescopes could hold the key.

Physicists have a new theory for how Egyptians could've (or should've) built the pyramids
Aug 28, 2014

It’s one of the greatest mysteries in history, and now physicists have come up with a new idea as to how the ancient Egyptians might’ve moved the massive pyramid stones.

Scientists might've finally figured out how ancient Egyptians moved the pyramid stones
May 1, 2014

It's plagued engineers and Egyptologists for, well, ever — but now researchers think they've finally figured out how the ancient Egyptians moved the pyramid rocks (hint: not aliens).

15 stunning satellite pics of man-made objects visible from space
Dec 16, 2012

The idea that the only man-made structure which can be seen from outer space is the Great Wall of China? That's a myth. In fact, from the moon, one can also clearly see New Jersey trash dumps and (if the weather is clear) the words "NORTH AMERICA."

Egypt denies today's Pyramid closure related to 11/11/11 rituals
Dec 15, 2012

We get an 11/11/11 every thousand years, and that makes it special—so special in fact that rumors have been swirling about planned magic rituals meant to harness the calendar juju. Some of these rumors are centered on Egypt's legendary, millennia-old Great Pyramid of Giza, and today that pyramid happens to be closed.