Damon Lindelof on how Prometheus was supposed to connect with Aliens
Trent Moore

Ridley Scott’s Alien non-prequel Prometheus rode a mountain of buzz but proved to be a frustrating film cobbling together several cool ideas and visuals without any true through line to make it work. 

Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel just sent Blomkamp’s Alien to development hell
Trent Moore

Sci-fi fans have been salivating at the thought of a proper new Alien sequel — but it seems Ridley Scott’s Prometheus followup has sent Neill Blomkamp’s proposed sequel on indefinite hold.

Ridley Scott says Alien: Paradise Lost will feature new space explorers
Don Kaye

The characters played by Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace apparently won't be the only ones headed to the world of the Engineers in Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus.

Ridley Scott on Alien: Paradise Lost: 'They will go to the world of the Engineer'
Trent Moore

Between The Martian, Blade Runner 2 and the upcoming Prometheus sequel, Ridley Scott is one extremely busy 77-year-old. So what’s he cooking up for Alien: Paradise Lost?

Ridley Scott reveals the title of Prometheus 2, and it has an Alien connection
Nathalie Caron

Director Ridley Scott did not waste any time in revealing what the first Prometheus sequel would actually be called. 

It seems Prometheus 2 is still on Ridley Scott's schedule
Don Kaye

Three years after Prometheus came out, Ridley Scott still wants to make a sequel -- and perhaps soon.

New viral poster (literally) breaks down Ridley's Prometheus
Trent Moore

We've gotten some peeks at the namesake ship in Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus, but a new viral poster shows the vessel in all its awesome, pre-Alien glory.

Idris Elba preps for takeoff in mysterious new Prometheus viral
Trent Moore

Ridley Scott's Alien non-prequel Prometheus may be in that limbo period headed toward Blu-ray release, but that doesn't mean the viral promo campaign is slowing down.

The Engineer finally speaks in tense new deleted Prometheus scene
Trent Moore

A new, deleted scene from Prometheus has leaked out—and we finally get to see the Engineer speak. If you thought he was creepy before, you haven't seen anything yet. Prometheus spoilers below!

Editor cuts Prometheus and Alien together to make a better prequel
Matthew Jackson

How do you make Prometheus a better movie? By tying it even more closely to Alien

Ridley Scott reveals where Prometheus 2 will pick up, talks Blade Runner design
Dany Roth

There are sequels to Prometheus and Blade Runner coming. Sure, they aren't coming anytime soon, but heck if Ridley Scott isn't talking about them anyway.