power rangers

Power Rangers meet Alpha 5 in first clip and five new posters
Mar 7, 2017

They took their sweet time but Lionsgate has finally released the first clip from their upcoming Power Rangers movie, as well as five new smashing posters.

Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson interviews the Power Rangers cast
Mar 6, 2017

The Power Rangers franchise is getting a big-budget reboot later this month, but that doesn’t mean they've forgotten where it all began. In fact, the past came a-callin' when original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson decided to surprise the new team and ask a few questions.

Rangers and their Dinozords star in new Power Rangers posters and TV spot
Feb 23, 2017

Here's a brilliant new batch of Power Rangers character banners and an international TV spot.

Max Landis' unused Power Rangers script has leaked and you can read it right here
Feb 2, 2017

The upcoming Power Rangers reboot wasn't the first time Hollywood tried to bring the kid-friendly superhero franchise to the big screen.