Pond Life

You can stop mourning The Ponds: They're getting their own series
Jun 25, 2015

While we're all super excited about Doctor Who's newest trailer and the confirmation that the show's coming back on Sept. 1st, we have one more reason to get even more thrilled: The Doctor's (Matt Smith) faithful companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darville) are—wait for it—getting their very own series!

The Doctor meets Mata Hari in 1st action-packed 'Pond Life' Who ep
Jun 25, 2015

The Doctor hilariously checks in with the Ponds in the very first episode of the Doctor Who 5-part mini-episode spinoff Pond Life —and let's just say phone messages have never been this exciting.

There's an Ood in the Ponds' bathroom in Who's Pond Life ep 3
Jun 25, 2015

As the Doctor's companions on Doctor Who, Amy and Rory have had to face multiple dangers and alien threats. But never, as far as we know, in their very own bathroom.

Things get more dramatic for the Ponds in Who's Pond Life ep 5
Jun 25, 2015

The last and fifth episode of Doctor Who's entertaining prequel/spinoff Pond Life is finally here! This time, things are about to get dramatic for our beloved Ponds.

Ep 2 of Who's Pond Life serves up sneak peek at dinos in space
Dec 17, 2012

The second episode of the Doctor Who web series Pond Life has debuted, offering up even more excitement than the debut episode yesterday. Want a sneak peek at season seven? Well, then hurry, because no one on this planet is safe!

The Doctor gets in a jam and the Ponds eat it in Who's Pond Life 4
Dec 17, 2012

The hilarious part four of Doctor Who's prequel/spinoff Pond Life is up and we've got to say that having a 900+ years old Time Lord as a friend definitely has its advantages for Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory's (Arthur Darville) domestic life.