Darth Vader is running for office in the Ukraine. Watch his epic campaign ad right here.
Oct 16, 2014

If you think politics can get a little wonky in the U.S., just take a peek at how things are going in the Ukraine’s latest election. Two words: Vote Vader.

Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine. Really.
Mar 31, 2014

As if all the political tension around the Ukraine couldn’t get more intense, now one of the most evil characters in sci-fi is officially running for president.

President of Venezuela blames his country's violence on ... Spider-Man?
Sep 20, 2013

Looks like J. Jonah Jameson isn't the only person blaming Spidey for the ills of society anymore.

See the mayor who went to the voting booth dressed as a Jedi. Really.
Apr 29, 2013

One politician shows us a way to guarantee that the Force will be with you at the polling stations.

If one politician has his way, sci-fi's gonna be mandatory in school
Mar 19, 2013

What if it wasn’t just the geeks who read Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke? What if science fiction was mandatory reading for all students?

Egyptian president says foreign policy based on Planet of the Apes
Jan 14, 2013

When you sit down to speak with the first-ever democratically elected president of Egypt, you know where you don't expect the conversation to turn? Chartlon Heston movies. Yet somehow, and at the president's own behest, that is exactly what happened while talking about foreign affairs.

Look which Marvel superhero just got elected president!
Dec 17, 2012

There are lots of problems facing America today, and no one can agree on which party can best fix them. Maybe it's time to throw out the old system and unify us by writing in a true American hero. All right—that would never happen in the real world. In the Marvel Universe on the other hand ...

Senate candidate attacked because she plays World of Warcraft
Dec 17, 2012

You can chalk this up to the oh-so-relevant political discourse in America, but apparently, a senate candidate from Maine has drawn fire from the opposing party because ... she plays World of Warcraft.

George R.R. Martin declares Republicans 'guilty of voter suppression'
Dec 17, 2012

George R. R. Martin, the man behind Game of Thrones and the sole reminder that LiveJournal still exists, has kicked up quite a fuss over the recent attempts at voter purging in a number of Republican majority and battleground states.

Bizarre poll decides which pres. candidate could best fight aliens
Dec 17, 2012

It's election season, and that means a lot of heated debates on a lot of heavy issues. Apparently, someone thought one of those issues should be which presidential candidate would best handle an alien invasion, and decided to put the question to the American people. So who won the vote?

14 strange sci-fi candidates who campaigned in REAL elections
Dec 15, 2012

As the 2012 presidential race kicks into gear, a voter may well wonder: Who are these people and what planet are they from?

Check out 10 other sci-fi actors who turned politician long before William Shatner
Dec 14, 2012

William Shatner has said that he wants to be Canada's prime minister, a role that won't give him much of an opportunity to...