World Video Game Hall of Fame 2017 inductees run the gaming gamut

From Donkey Kong to Halo, the Class of 2017 represents game-changing games from multiple eras and platforms. 

Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity Falls writers to tackle live action Pokemon film
Aug 17, 2016

Fresh off the immense success of the Pokemon Go mobile game, Legendary is keen to get a live-action film underway as quickly as possible. Luckily for us, they’re eyeing some awesome writers to bang out the script.

Pokemon live-action? Legendary, Sony, and Warner Bros. all vying for the rights
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Infographic: So which sci-fi fandom is the most Internet active?
Dec 16, 2012

You may think the Internet was built to network various DARPA facilities together, but actually, it was built for people to talk to each other about sci-fi. And gaming. And all sorts of nerdly delights. But one group of fans seems to have more Internet traction than the others ... and according to this infographic, that group loves Harry Potter.