Image of the Day: NASA's psychedelic new Pluto pic
Jeff Spry

This brilliant new image of Pluto is a beautiful blast of cosmic color.

Pluto may have giant, 4-mile-high volcanoes that spew ice instead of lava
Trent Moore

It was only a few months ago that we actually got our first real pictures of Pluto, and now NASA officials believe the former planet could be home to massive volcanoes that spew ice.

Awe-inspiring new Pluto image revealed with New Horizons' first official science paper
Jeff Spry

Here's the latest color Pluto image published with NASA's first mission findings report.

Blue skies and H2O ice discovered by New Horizons' Pluto team
Jeff Spry

Here are more monumental discoveries straight from New Horizons' Pluto mission.

New NASA images + video sweep over the surface of Pluto's moon, Charon
Jeff Spry

Charon shines in these latest astonishing shots of Pluto's largest moon.

Perplexing new Pluto images reveal odd "snakeskin" surface features
Jeff Spry

Here's this week's set of stupendous New Horizons images straight from Pluto.

See New Horizons' striking new panoramic images of Pluto
Jeff Spry

Here are NASA's latest breathtaking images of the dwarf planet Pluto.

Space out on these spectacular new Pluto images from New Horizons
Jeff Spry

Here are NASA's latest up-close-and-personal shots of the icy dwarf planet.

Here's a hypnotic new animated video of New Horizons' entire Pluto fly-by
Jeff Spry

Strap into your gravity couch for this whiplash ride past the the icy world of Pluto.

Behold the newest wave of wondrous New Horizons Pluto images
Jeff Spry

Marvel at more close-up shots from New Horizons' historic flyby mission.

New Horizons' first fantastic flyby images of Pluto and Charon
Jeff Spry

NASA delivers two jaw-dropping shots of Pluto and its main moon that mankind has never seen before!

Behold NASA's second batch of mind-blowing Pluto images from New Horizons
Jeff Spry

Here are the latest other-worldly offerings from New Horizons' monumental mission.