For the first time ever, astronomers are literally watching an alien planet form
Nov 20, 2015

Want to see a planet literally being born? This research team at the University of Arizona has you covered.

This could end badly: Astronomers to use online voting to choose new planet names
Jul 9, 2014

We humans can be stupid creatures, especially when you give us anonymity and the power of the Internet. So look out, distant planets and star systems, we’re coming for you next.

Astronomers just found the closest super-Earth yet that might be able to support life
Jun 26, 2014

The big bullseye for astronomers now is to find a planet in the habitable zone that could support life, and a team just spotted one a hop, skip and jump away form Earth.

Astronomers find planet with so many suns it shouldn't exist
Dec 17, 2012

We've seen a lot of incredible planet discoveries over the years, but this one's definitely among the coolest. It's a planet roughly the size of Neptune, but what makes it unique is the number of suns nearby, so many that the gravitational pull should destroy it.