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Pixar president on their development process, why there's no sequel to Inside Out or WALL-E

Though the studio just dropped Finding Dory and has a new Toy Story in development, Pixar isn’t exactly known for cranking out sequels. So, why don’t we already have Inside Out 2 and WALL-E: Back to Earth in development?

Dory meets an octopus and Marlin gets totally sick in first two Finding Dory clips

The first two clips from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, have emerged.

Swim back to the ocean with this new Finding Dory trailer

A new full-length trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory has surfaced online following its debut on this morning's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Return to the sea with a new trailer for Pixar's Finding Dory

Pixar's taking us back to the world of Finding Nemo, and we just got a peek at some new footage.

Arlo overcomes his fears in gorgeous new clip from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

The upcoming CGI flick The Good Dinosaur might be one of the most troubled productions in Pixar history, but bumpy road or not, the latest clip is absolutely gorgeous.

Pixar goes prehistoric in first full trailer for The Good Dinosaur

We've had hints of Pixar's "what if the dinosaurs didn't die out" film, but here's our first real look at it.

Why Pixar hopes you'll go back to using snail mail again

If the U.S. Postal Service didn't sway you to stop tweeting and start writing letters with its stamps of Rod Serling or The Simpsons, well, they're not giving up on you yet.

The heartbreaking beauty of Pixar in EXACTLY 7 minutes

A young Brazilian filmmaker spent 11 days watching Pixar's assorted films, painstakingly selecting the more than 500 clips that make up this touching ode to the house that Toy Story built.

8 pretty, pulpy tributes for Pixar's 25th anniversary

The house that John Lassiter (and Steve Jobs) built is celebrating its 25th birthday this year and an online art gallery has been fielding stellar contributions featuring some terrific interpretations of Pixar's cast of characters.

Learn how memories work in a new clip from Pixar's Inside Out

The new Inside Out clip takes us inside the film's system of memories. 

Image of the Day: First look at Pixar's new short film, Sanjay's Super Team

Along with making awesome movies, Pixar has also been cranking out some stellar short films over the years. Here’s our first look at the newest one.

Brad Bird on how he wants to avoid the superhero cliches in Incredibles 2

With modern classics like Iron Giant and The Incredibles on his resume, Brad Bird is already a living legend — but he’s finally returning to a franchise that’s been begging for a sequel.