Pitch Black

Vin Diesel is fighting for survival in wild new Riddick footage
Aug 29, 2013

We’re just a week away from getting to see Riddick on the big screen, and some additional footage has us more excited than ever for the Pitch Black sequel.

Vin Diesel faces off with an alien monster in 1st clip from Riddick
Aug 27, 2013

Think Vin Diesel will just be dealing with Katee Sackhoff and her band of mercenaries in Riddick? Think again.

New Riddick trailer reminds us of everything we liked about Pitch Black
Aug 2, 2013

After floundering with a big-budget PG-13 sequel, Vin Diesel wants to take Riddick back to its roots — and the latest trailer shows just how hard he’s trying.

Riddick kicks more ass than ever in gory NSFW 3-minute trailer
Jul 19, 2013

We’ve been wondering how Riddick would utilize that nifty R-rating, and the latest red band trailer has the answer. You’ve seen Vin Diesel kick ass before, but not like this.

Diesel + Sackhoff face off with crazy monsters in 15 new Riddick pics
Jun 18, 2013

Some cool, new Riddick pics have been released showing off more of the crazy monsters and mercs that Vin Diesel will be facing off with this fall.

Vin Diesel whines he won't get paid enough for Pitch Black 3
Dec 14, 2012

There's good news for all you Riddick fans out there. It seems that with Diesel's career back on the rise, there's a plan to make Pitch Black into a trilogy. There's a catch, though, and Vin's asking his fans for some spiritual (read: financial) advice.