Scientists may have evidence of a 5th force of nature

A new study suggests that there is another elemental force at work in the universe ... and the implications are profound.

Paradox Lost: New science says going back in time and changing the past might not change the present

A new experiment says that some of the things we've come to accept as canon when it comes to time travel may not be true.

Physicists say they may have found a completely new form of matter

Looks like physicists may be making room for new kinds of particles soon.

Physicists confirm they have indeed found elusive "God particle"

After nearly half a century of searching, scientists have just announced that they believe they've found a Higgs boson particle.

Find out what flying through hyperspace really looks like

One of the most memorable parts of the original Star Wars trilogy was the Millenium Falcon kicking it into hyperdrive (when it actually worked, that is). What would traveling through hyperspace really look like, though? A group of physics student think they've got the answer.

Physicist's awesome equations calculate how many fish Gollum needs

If we know nothing else about J. R. R. Tolkien's freaky creation Gollum, we know that he really, really loves two things: his "Precious" One Ring and raw, wriggling fish. The latter is pretty much all he eats, but did you ever wonder just how many fish he needs to survive? One physicist did, and he took the trouble to do the math.