Philip K. Dick

Ronald D. Moore's Philip K. Dick anthology series picked up at Amazon
Feb 15, 2017

The mastermind behind the Battlestar Galactica reboot is officially coming back to sci-fi, and he's certainly settled on some heady material.

BSG's Ron Moore making new Philip K. Dick sci-fi series with Bryan Cranston
May 10, 2016

It's a great day to be a Philip K. Dick fan, because there’s a new TV series based on the iconic writer’s short stories coming our way.

The resistance faces long odds in new trailer for The Man in the High Castle
Oct 9, 2015

We’ve been geeking out over the pilot for a while, and now Amazon has dropped a fresh trailer for the first season of The Man in the High Castle. Spoiler alert: It’s looking good.

Minority Report comes to Fox in first look at new sci-fi cop series
Aug 17, 2015

A look at things to come in the upcoming TV show Minority Report.

Catch up with Precog Dash in new Minority Report video featurette and poster
Aug 6, 2015

Are you ready to head back to the world of Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi movie with Fox's new Minority Report TV series?

Philip K. Dick on how the concept of reality ties back into Disneyland, circa 1978
Feb 26, 2015

Philip K. Dick wrote some of the most acclaimed science fiction stories in history, but the guy also had some interesting thoughts on the concept of reality ... and how it all kind of ties back to Disneyland.

Amazon picks up acclaimed pilot for The Man in the High Castle as full series
Feb 18, 2015

Netflix might have the upper hand now, but Amazon Prime is making a hard push into original scripted fare — and might've just found its first genre hit.

Watch the pilot for Ridley Scott's new Philip K. Dick-inspired series Man in the High Castle right now
Jan 15, 2015

A television adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel The Man in the High Castle has been in and out of development for years — but now we finally have a pilot. 

Philip K. Dick's daughter behind latest screen adaptation of his work
Nov 20, 2014

The latest attempt to adapt the work of legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick already has his family's stamp of approval.

First full synopsis for Amazon's Phillip K. Dick series The Man in the High Castle
Nov 11, 2014

The first full synopsis for Amazon’s upcoming sci-fi series The Man in the High Castle has been released, ahead of the pilot’s imminent unveiling.

Minority Report TV show will be a sequel, feature one big difference from movie
Sep 9, 2014

A TV series based on Minority Report is going to get a pilot ... but there will be at least one major change from the movie.

Read Philip K. Dick's 1981 letter predicting Blade Runner's impact
Mar 26, 2013

It turns out Blade Runner's biggest fan may have been the author who inspired it.